Corporate Information


Management Philosophy

Company that creates 'Worldwide'
- to the wider world -

We anticipate the needs of the times and develop services
that solve these needs by not only looking at Japan but by taking a global perspective.

We continue to maintain a good alliance with our group companies and business affiliates with strengths in many fields and have reached our 40th year in business. We handle not only business limited to development but also per step of the process or the entire project from the processes that lead to the development, to maintenance operation as your one-stop company.

With our 40th year as a turning point -
We will strive to further improve our business by strengthening alliances with overseas companies while maintaining "software development and worker dispatch of IT engineers" as our primary business areas.

If you wish to create new value or if you need to improve specific issues, please leave it to us. As a diversity company, we are confident that our greatest strength is our system that can handle all of our customer's requests through our multi-faceted approach.

CEO Kato, Asao